LANNouncer Commands

LANNouncer supports quite a few commands, many of which take parameters. These can be sent via text-to-speech tools in
Home Automation systems, via REST calls, SMS messages, even curl scripts.

This section overviews the commands.

String Purpose
@#ALARM=CHIME Sound a chime, like a store entry
(Same as using the Notification.beep device capability.)
@#ALARM=DOORBELL Sound a doorbell
@#ALARM=ALARM Sound a alarm, like a missile warning
@#ALARM=type:CONTINUOUS Sound the alarm/chime/siren/doorbell until ALARM=STOP is issued.
@#ALARM=FILE1 Plays the first of the configured audio files. Premium users have up to FILE5. Of course it must be correctly configured on the device you are sending the command to.
@#ALARM=STOP Abort the ALARM sound (chime, siren, a file playing) immediately.
@#ALARM=SIREN Sound an old-style police siren
(Same as using the Alarm.Siren device capability.)
@#VERSION=ON Speak the version
@#FLASH=STROBE Strobes the flash for about 10 seconds
(Same as using the Alarm.Strobe capability.)
@#FLASH=LONG Turns the flash on for about 10 seconds
@#FLASH=CONTINOUS Strobes the flash continuously. (Actually about 2000 reps, so that you don’t burn it out.) Stop it with ALARM=STOP or FLASH=STOP.
@#PHOTO=BACK Takes a photo from the device back camera.
(FRONT is an unimplemented option currently.)
@#PHOTO=BACK&STSHRINK=TRUE You wouldn’t use this from BigTalker, but this will return the image in a SmartThings-friendly size.
e.g. curl “192.168.1.xx:1035/?PHOTO=BACK&STSHRINK=TRUE&@DONE@” > test3.jpg
would retrieve a small copy to test3.jpg
@#PHOTO=BACK&WAIT=TRUE Same as above, but for a full-sized photo
@#RETRIEVE=camera_name&WAIT=TRUE RETRIEVE grabs an image from the configured camera (see Camera Uploads.)  The WAIT and STSHRINK commands will cause it to be returned; otherwise it merely is copied to the Android device media folder and, if configured, to the Dropbox folder.
@#VIDEO=seconds_to_record Takes video with the Android camera, putting it in the media folder (listed on the main screen) and optionally to Dropbox.
@#RETRIEVESEQ=camera_name Retrieves a sequence of photos from the remote camera.  This is set for 4 photos, at 3+ seconds apart, though is generally constrained by the camera login speed.
SPEAK=@| This is the SPEAK ENVELOPE, that allows arbitrary strings (Commands) to be sent via text-to-speech.

Sending Commands

The LANnouncer service is not limited to contacts from the SmartThings hub.
Commands can be sent directly via, e.g. curl:

  • curl “192.168.1.xx:1035/?ALARM=SIREN&@DONE@”
  • curl “192.168.1.xx:1035/?VERSION=ON&@DONE@”

If you have enabled GCM or WAN functionality, you can use the remote server also as in the IFTTT section. The syntax is a bit difference, as you must be authenticated.  So a similar command might look like:

  • curl “”

The SPEAK extensions can also be sent via curl, however be aware that in some environments, curl cannot send “#”, so “|” is used for LANdroid instead, as in…

  • curl “|ALARM=CHIME&@DONE@”