What's New

Version 36 (19.05.11) of the Android app, and concurrent server update:

Google has deprecated Google Cloud Messaging.  This version moves to Firebase Messaging, fixes a few issues with other recent Google API changes, and includes other recent changes such as only supporting SSL.

Previous versions of LANNouncer will stop working soon, probably around end-of-May 2019, when Google shuts down GCM.

Version 28 (2.09.01) of the Android app:
 Reduced frequency of Dropbox login requests.

Version 27 (2.08.21) of the Android app:
Fixed the decryption of user data issue. (Was caused by an API deprecation in an Android update for some versions.)

Version 26 (2.08.20) of the Android app:

  • Better detect when service is already running.
  • Improved stopping of continuous Flash strobe and logging of when the Flash is being stopped; it was unclear before.
  • Better error handling of missing audio files.
  • Switched to Dropbox V2 API, only because V1 is deprecated. (Using CloudRail for this now.)
  • Initial motion detection work. Not wired in yet.
  • Fixed handling of audio on external SD Cards in Android Marshmallow.
  • Log should stay populated after visiting settings.
  • Reduced frequency of media purges.

Known issue: Trouble decrypting user data from WAN Server in some cases. Not new, just newly identified.

SmartThings Device Handler Update 22 July 2017: Better statusing.  No new features.

Version 2.07.16 of the Android App:

  • Improves reliability of stopping continuous alarms.

Version 25 of the SmartThings DeviceHandler:

  • Alarm control buttons function on the app
  • Stop command is added and fully implemented
  • Can configure Alarm as Continuous from the Settings panel.  (Alternatively you can still simply specific “:CONTINUOUS” in the command if using BigTalker, curl or some other literal mechanism
  • Better statusing to SmartThings of Alarm status.

Note that SmartThings will not be notified when alarms are fired or cancelled other than when using the alarm capability.

Version 2.07.12 brings:

  • Continuous mode for ALARM and FLASH (strobe)
  • STOP command for same
  • Purging of old image files, configurable
  • Link to online manual (this thing here)
  • Bug fixes)

Version 2.03.12 brings:

  • Audio Files – select files to play
  • Audio Stop – Abort a sound
  • WAN Support – IFTTT support faster than Google Cloud Notifications
  • Better Logging
  • Premium User support

The addition of Premium Users is necessary because of the cost not just of working on LANNouncer but of running the necessary server for IFTTT support.  Premium Support doesn’t cost much, and gets you:

  • Increase from 1 to 5 Audio Files
  • Faster GCN Turn-Around – Can send multiple IFTTT or REST-based commands instantly rather than with a one minute delay between.
  • Faster WAN Turn-Around – Can send multiple IFTTT or REST-based commands instantly rather than with a several minute delay between.

Note that no features have been removed or disabled with the addition of Premium, and that new features (WAN and Audio Files) have been added even for free users.  Only the quantity/speed is different.