Create an IFTTT Recipe

At your recipes page, select “Create Recipe”.

Recipe page on IFTTT

Annotation of creating a recipe on IFTTT

Title and Trigger

These are LANnouncer-independent. For this example, using the Alexa channel and setting a simple voice trigger is probably easiest.


For the Action, you will be issuing a “web request”.  It can be a Post or a Get.

If a GET, use the form:


  • The configured-email matches the value in LANnouncer
  • The device name similarly matches the value reported in LANnouncer
    • This allows you to target different devices easily
  • The normal LANnouncer commands (ALARM=SIREN, SPEAK=HELLO WORLD, etc.) are URL-escaped…
    • Equals (=) becomes %3D
    • Space ( ) becomes %20
  • The server is, as shown,

Content and Body

No Content or Body are necessary if sending a

That’s It

Obviously there was a lot more to getting all of this to work, on the back end, but that should be all you have to do to trigger LANnouncer with IFTTT.