LANNouncer Service

LANNouncer 512

The LANNouncer Service (formerly LANdroid / TTSService, but Google didn’t like the embedded “android”) is the Android application/service that runs on the phone or tablet. In other words, this entire site is about this service; you probably already have it installed.) It specifically watches for network or SMS messages coming from the SmartThings LANNouncer device, IFTTT or other network calls, and acts on them. This differs from some other contemporary SmartThings speech devices in that the speech¬†synthesis is done on the Android device, rather than merely being played on it.The LANnouncer Service can be set to listen on the network (on the port of your choice; 1035 is the default), or to watch for SMS messages, or both.There are some configuration options on LANnouncer, but they’re largely unimplemented currently (Alpha stage.)

All you really need to know is:

  • You must start LANnouncer for it to run and work
  • If you are in LAN mode (which you probably should be), you should press “Start Network Services” once
  • You can then switch away from LANnouncer , and it will continue running in the background

LANdroid should be downloaded from the Google Play Store to get the latest version.