SmartThings Installation Steps

Installing LANdroid/LANnouncer into SmartThings

This document assumes you have read the main page and have downloaded and installed LANnouncer onto your Android device.

  1. Log into
  2. Go to My Device Types (fifth over on the top, not My Devices), Create New, From Code.
  3. Download the LANdroid device groovy file (click),…
    and paste it into the window for the “code”
  4. Click “Create”, which will save it.
    Now the screen reloads and you have new options at the top…

  5. “Publish” – “For Me”. (That’s an actual option.)
  6. In, go to “My Devices” (Third over on the top, see first image.)
    Create new device, choose the “LANdroid Alerter” type (which will be at the bottom of your list)
  7. Name/configure it.  You can do this in either the web (since you had to create the device there anyhow) or in the Mobile App.
  8. Web: Click on the device in My Devices, and edit preferences…
  9. Or use the SmartThings mobile app for your newly created device…
  10. Sideload or install from the Play Store the LANnouncer app and configure it (see here…)
  11. Don’t forget the volumes…
  12. Camera Settings… see the Camera Uploads page.
  13. Now you can test it from the SmartThings app…
    LANdroid Device Screen
  14. That’s all you need for a LAN-connected device (e.g. local tablet), but if you want to receive chimes, alarms or speech on your cell phone when away from the house, use similar processes to install the SmartApp
  15. Tell BigTalker to use this device in the events.  For example, for…
    • Big Talker
    • Configure Events
    • Contact

    here is my configuration.

    You can see the Additional Commands section of the main page for those secret codes.

It sounds like a lot of steps, but it’s really pretty quick. Sort-of like checking your gmail – turn computer on, log into computer, open start menu, select web browser, go to, enter user id, enter password, click enter. Eight steps to get to gmail, which you think of as “open gmail”.