Not Working After Weeks Or Reboot

LANNouncer listens on a network socket, which has a specific IP Address. This is listed on the main page of the application, and will typically be something like

In the screen below, this is the “Reported IP Address”, about six lines down, right above “GCM”.

Displays the Android App Screen

Main Screen of the Android App, annotated

For your connection to your scripts and home automation to continue working, that address must be static, not dynamic.   Dynamic, also called “DHCP” for Dynamic Host Control Protocol, is the default, but devices are allocated IP Addresses temporarily when it’s Dynamic.  So, after a few days or weeks, the address may suddenly change when the current “lease” is up.

This can be set in your router or on the device, but it’s probably safest to do from the router so you don’t collide with anything else.

To set the address as static from the Android side…

  1. Open Settings
  2. Open Wi-Fi Settings
  3. Long-Press on your home network, which you should be connected to already
  4. If you have options of “Forget Network”, “Modify Network” and possibly “Write…”, select “Modify Network”
  5. The list of options is long and scrolls down.  You should see your IP Address on the list.  At the bottom should be “Advanced Options”.  Click or check the box.
  6. If no new options seem to have appeared, scroll down further.  (Before, you were at the bottom.  Now there’s a deeper bottom.)
  7. For “IP Settings”, it probably says “DHCP”.  Change that to Static.

This will prevent your tablet or phone from changing IP Address on this network in the future.  Reconfigure your scripts and home automation devices to connect to this IP Address.