What is LANnouncer (formerly LANdroid)

LANnouncer is a device driver for the Samsung SmartThings home automation hub, bringing audio alerts to the system through any connected Android device.

LANnouncer supports:

  • Speech Synthesis
  • Alarms (Siren/Strobe)
  • Notification(Tone)

It does so over:

  • The LAN (local sub-net; tablet/phone on same WiFi network as the
    SmartThings hub)
  • SMS (anywhere – an SMS is sent to the device, resulting in the
    functionality but also in otherwise-pointless SMS messages)

This is supported in the
SmartThings community thread “Android as a Speech/Alarm Device
, although this
beta thread
also may be helpful.

 Beyond that, LANNouncer works well with:

  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Some IP Cameras
  • Dropbox
  • SmartThings